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Welcome to Nursery Auction!

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Welcome to Nursery Auction

Read before calling with any questions please take the time and read this:
1. Each auction lot sells for the winning bid unit price times the ESTIMATED number of plants. We guarantee the number of plants in each lot.
2. We reserve the right to adjust the estimated number of plants in each lot up until the time that bids start to close. We may eliminate auction lots if we don’t think that the plants will meet our quality standards.
3. Customers may contact us about particular lots, and we will attempt to provide additional photos in a timely manner.
4. Customers who are considering large purchases can call to make arrangements to visit the nursery where the container material has been produced..

5. Every state and province has plant restrictions. It is up to the buyer to respect those laws and research them before you place a bid. of known restrictions available, but customers should check with their local plant board to be sure that desired trees can be shipped to their location.

6. All charges must be paid in full before any crop can be released for shipment. There are no extended terms for this auction. Reimold Hort reserve the right to change the date for any reason.

Reimold Horticultural has worked with Eaton farms multiple times in the past. They have always been of their word and a class act. Any questions on any of the plant material loading arrangements or recommended shipping companies please contact Jeff Thompson at  484 663-3903  or email him at

Eaton Farms along with Reimold Horticultural’s Will be auctioning their entire Nursery stock and equipment inventory. 35,000…Including  #3’s up to #25’s Topiaries, Evergreens, Deciduous ,flowering, fruit trees. All graded and guaranteed to be the high quality that you would expect from This well respected nursery.

How it works

Upcoming Auctions


 This auction has staggered ending times.

The first item will close at 11am (E.S.T) . Each item will close 1 minute after the previous. For example, Lot 1 closes at 11:00 am. Lot 2 closes at 11: am. Lot 3 closes at 11:02 am. This will continue until all items have closed. Also, note that extended bidding is still in place. Therefore, if Lot 1 goes into extended bidding Lot 2 will still close at 11:00 am and Lot 3 will still close at 11:02 am, etc. (unless they also go into extended bidding) while Lot 1 is still in extended bidding. This scenario applies to all lots. If you have any questions regarding extended bidding, please contact us.


Your bid is on one item times the number of items in the lot.
The bidding forms are at the right of the page
Once you have your bidders number and password you can sign in and begin bidding. If you have any issues please call

1-800-772 SOLD (7653)

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